Get Talked About - Chicago, IL - Integrated Marketing - Get Integrated For the best marketing results, all of your marketing channels need to be integrated. You need a marketing strategy that incorporates multiple channels for execution, not multiple channel strategies and related executions.

In todays advertising and marketing environment, your offline and online channels need to be connected and measurable. Traditional Advertising, Marketing, Public Relations (PR)  and New Media support each others success. The way to maximize the return on marketing objectives (ROMO) and consequently your return on investment (ROI) is to integrate your offline and online strategies and tactics. Print ads need to be connected online via landing page URLS, SEM, SEO, Email Marketing and Social Media. Additionally, Email Marketing, Social Media, SEM and even your SEO can be maximized via traditional print ads, radio, television, PR and direct mail. Get Talked About looks at the big picture and creates integrated marketing strategies and supporting integrated tactics to help grow your business.


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