Monitoring & Measurement


Get Talked About uses the most current and reliable tools available to monitor the strategies and tactics we implement for our clients. We blend a combination of propreitary, free and subscription-based tools for each project. Whether we use Radian 6, Scout Labs, Google Analytics, Yahoo Pipes or some other combination of tools to monitor your program, we will always be able to give you the actionable insight needed to ensure success.


While the specifics of each program will differ, every program will establish upfront metrics that will be the most valuable to your particular company, brand or person; and will support that campaign, project or program.

Measurement could include:

  • Number of Views
  • X-number of Members in a community
  • Amount of regulars
  • Share of Voice
  • Percent increase of engagement or interaction
  • Number of Influencers
  • Number of Comments
  • Number of Posts
  • Number of Times content is shared
  • Change in sentiment
  • Website Analytics supporting content views/lead or goal conversion
  • Other determined metrics of importance to a project, program or campaign

Once established, everything else online can be tracked with the exception of offline sharing and conversation as a result of an online campaign.

We use multiple tools to measure accurately (Subscription based, Custom and Free) and to prove ROI/ROMO

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